Covered Mirrors: A Collection Of Lost Trail Juvenilia

by Lost Trail



A 24-track collection of early recordings, outtakes, b-sides and alternate versions from the beginnings of Lost Trail. This download/cassette order, from Wood Thrush Tapes, is available via Lost Trail's official bandcamp - Please see this site for details.

"Take a hike along the Lost Trail, experience the moments of sadness and isolation, expressed through dusted ambience and slowcore-ish melodies lost in the sea of digital distortion. Bleak, half-remembered autumnal impressions with a hint of field recording and found sound experimentation. For the melancholic ones." - Weed Temple

"Lost Trail will get you wistful…comes off very eerie and dreamlike, one of those third-person shooter POVs where you're watching the back of your head saunter past the wreckage that is the follies of your youth…" - Impose Magazine

"Corsa is an active ambient composer, synthesizing his songs out of what sound like found-sounds, field recordings, and a highly textural repertoire of loops and samples." - DECODER Magazine

"Zachary Corsa and Denny Wilkerson Corsa create delicate soundscapes…full of nostalgic guitar drones and old de-tuned piano keys, layered over obscure samples and field recordings. Some of the compositions remind me a bit of the softer side of Godspeed You! Black Emperor - the tracks where a melody slowly soars over an apocalyptic message heard through an old radio…a collage of avant-garde patches stitched together into a fuzzy blanket for a restless ghost. These monochrome sounds float in the air like the confetti of an abstract painting, until they settle down on the creaking wooden floor, and as if by magic, arrange themselves into one solid piece." - Headphone Commute

"Lost Trail is a project to kind of sit back and take in on a rainy day; the atmosphere of the music is dense and during times like that it just soaks in more…it has that blend of genres that I love so much…the field recordings and drone grace our ears filled with nostalgic beauty…really gives the listener something to do with its density." - Prog Archives

"Lost Trail's music marries the aesthetics of the woods with industrial processes, sounding both organic and mechanic. Corsa approaches music thoughtfully and rather unconventionally, like a writer composing an imagist poem with sound. Each track is a stand-alone poem, though thematically they all form a narrative." - SSG Music

"Cinematic ambient 'n' music, in the vein of Budd and Eno as well as tons of millennial drama/horror films, Lost Trail is not to be missed." - The Nightlight


released February 14, 2012



all rights reserved


Wood Thrush Tapes Burlington, North Carolina

A drone/ambient/noise cassette label from Burlington, North Carolina, run by the folks of Lost Trail.

Linear Bells
Pinetree Line
Lost Trail
Native Prairie
Proud Father
Zac Keiller
True Homie

-Proud Father cassette, 2012
-True Homie, February, 2012
-FAVRTSM, Spring, 2012
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